2. Very easy, indeed. This can be caused by Leaf Spot, remove badly affected leaves and spray with a fungicide. Repotting your Yucca is best done in spring. It can reach 30 feet in height (about 9 meters). "acceptedAnswer": { However, it is poisonous to cats & dogs. ", "acceptedAnswer": { As pointed out earlier on, this Yucca feels comfortable in a wide range of temperatures and is generally not susceptible to sudden changes in temperature. One thing you will need to look out for, however, is root rot. Yucca gigantea is the official (and more correct) name for the plant. The offsets should not be fed and should be kept out of direct sunlight until established. { I'd imagine the shoots that are all yellow are moribund, and the others are close behind. Before watering again, the top layers of soil (the top 4-5 cm) should be allowed to dry out completely. This results in nothing more than a fancy looking "log" or "stump" sticking out of the pot. […]. May 2, 2018 - Explore Gaileta Eriksson's board "Yucca elephantipes" on Pinterest. If you do find weird-looking spots on your Yuccas’ leaves, then this could very be due to watering your plant with limewater. Firstly some Yuccas will have this trait naturally (see gallery photos), if it comes on suddenly it could be caused by; poor watering techniques (over or under watering). Propagation through stem cuttings is both easy & fun. As long as you are using well-draining soil, you should be fine. This is me and my Chinese Money Plant. This kind of Yucca palm only needs a moderate amount of water. A Yucca may produce flowers sometimes, although this is rare indoors. Therefore, for the well-being of your pets, keep this plant away from both cats & dogs. During the growing season, the palm should be thoroughly watered. "@type": "Answer", If propagating houseplants is something that you are particularly interested in, make sure to have a look at our article: The 12 easiest plants to propagate. Overwatering will cause the leaves of a yucca plant to turn yellow. Hence, with Yucca elephantipes, regular pruning might still be a necessity. Still, to make sure your plant stays healthy & fresh, take the following 5 tips into account: Yucca elephantipes care is pretty easy. If your Yucca palm outgrows its space (is getting too tall), you might need to prune it. Fortunately Y. elephantipes commonly known as the "Stick Yucca" or as it should now make more sense; the "Spineless Yucca" doesn't have razor sharp leaves. "name": "What is the difference between Yucca gigantea and Yucca elephantipes? Its spiky leaves alone can reach a size of about 4 feet (1.2 meters). "@type": "Question", "text": "Yucca elephantipes rarely flowers when cultivated as an indoor plant. " Yucca elephantipes also goes by the names of Yucca gigantea (official name), spineless Yucca, Yucca cane & giant Yucca. When grown indoors, these individuals obviously won’t grow all that tall. Marcel runs the place around here. "name": "Can you grow Yucca elephantipes indoors? Water your Yucca liberally during warmer months of the year. Not even our Yucca. Seed propagation is another good way to produce yucca babies. The Yucca gigantea was first formally described in 1859 by a French botanist named Charles Lemaire. We've learnt a bit about the plant so lets dive into the Care instructions, which if you follow will keep your Yucca in great condition and health. It is pretty common to have a couple of yellow leaves on your Yucca elephantipes. "name": "Does Yucca elephantipes flower when cultivated indoors? Spanish Dagger has evergreen clumps of stiff. The owner shared several photos, some clearly showed the natural white marks, so parts of the plant were fine and didn't need any treatment. And at that point, you can simply grow a new plant from the remaining stem and the new stem cuttings. However if conditions are good, after a number of years, similar sweet smelling white bell flowers you see on outdoor Yucca's may appear. "text": "The spineless Yucca is considered harmless to adults. You can cultivate Yucca elephantipes indoor all-year round. Ask Question Asked 8 months ago. Yellow yucca leaves can also be caused by a … } If you are pretty good with houseplants this will be rare, however these symptoms are usually caused by underwatering. Three pests to look out for when growing Yucca elephantipes are scale, black weevil & mealybugs. You can now use the stem to grow a new plant or even several new plants by dividing the stem in multiple sections and by placing them in potting soil. " ", They can still grow up to 10 feet tall, though. In winter, reduce watering. Propagation through seeds is easy as well but it takes some (more) time. Yucca elephantipes needs a lot of bright, indirect sunlight. Though yucca is a hardy plant, lack of appropriate care can make it susceptible to a host of pest attacks and growth issues. The leathery like leaves arch and will eventually yellow and fall off, replaced by the new top growth, this gradually increases the height of the plant. The species in this picture is Yucca gloriosa. And please don’t worry. Credit for the recently potted up Yucca offset in the article - In My Plants It's common to buy a Yucca which has been grown from a special "log" or stem, after potting it up, the new green growth emerges out of the top of this stem and the roots grow out of the bottom and into the soil. Keep the substrate moist. It is best to water your Yucca with soft water that is low in lime. The amount of sunlight your plant is getting, is one of the key factors when it comes to proper Yucca care. What I like the most is that all leaves are banded with creamy yellow. Half of my peace lily is droopy, the other half is fine. "@type": "Answer", Posted on Published: May 15, 2020 Categories Plant Care. In Winter a lot less water is required. If you do find black spots or brown spots on the leaves, you could also be dealing with plant pests (bacteria or fungi). Is Yucca elephantipes poisonous to cats & dogs? "text": "In their natural habitat, Yucca elephantipes palms grow up to 30 feet tall. You will find more info about proper watering below. "@context": "https://schema.org", As far as the ideal temperature goes, this Yucca feels comfortable in a wide variety of temperatures, ranging from 8 to about 23 degrees. Yucca Plant Diseases and Other Growth-Related Problems. "@type": "Question", Usually a sign of constant overwatering. While it can normally protect itself through the sharp edges on the leaves and hard protective bark on it's trunk, if persistent pets or children damage the plant enough they'll come across the poisonous elements inside. During growing seasons, feed your Yucca twice a week with a liquid fertilizer. They call the Americas and the Caribbean their home. A mature Yucca is bold and striking with straight angular edges, it looks very fitting in modern homes. ... Why are the leaves of my young chilies turning yellow and dying? Provide this shrub with a sufficient amount of sunlight (bright light with the occasional direct light) and make sure to water it moderately from spring to autumn, whenever the top of the soil dried out. Water whenever the top layers of the compost have dried out. The rule of thumb here is to keep the soil only moderately moist. Even if you restore conditions to what they were previously it may not be enough. The colder the temperatures get, the less water your Yucca will need. Yellow leaves on a Yucca usually indicate the plants needs a little more water, especially if the yellow leaves are on the bottom. The wide sword shaped leaves are also pretty tough, you won't for example be able to rip them with your fingers and while such hardy greenery might please claw happy cat owners, they may enjoy using the bare "trunk" as a scratching post instead. Shock, after moving or repotting the plant. This could be anywhere between 2 to 3 days later up to a week or even longer, depending on various factors such as the size of the pot, the soil, the location, the size of the palm tree itself and also the actual season. }, Propagation through repotting of offshoots is probably the easiest method to propagate the plant. It can also be caused by poor air quality, particularly if the humidity is very high, or if exposed to temperatures below 7°C / 45°F these problems almost only ever occur in the Winter months. "name": "My Yucca palm is getting too big. This involves literally cutting / sawing a large top section of the plant off, usually in early Spring. Its 40–50 species are notable for their rosettes of evergreen, tough, sword-shaped leaves and large terminal panicles of white or whitish flowers.They are native to the hot and dry parts of the Americas and the Caribbean.Early reports of the species were confused with the cassava (Manihot esculenta). 2. This kind of feels like a tongue-in-cheek moment where we add in a disclaimer about not being able to take responsibility if your favorite houseplant dies. Is moderately poisonous to cats & dogs need to do so, might. Soft water that is low in lime if the top this involves literally cutting sawing... Be rare, however, it takes some ( more ) time as the roots are long,! Comments below as well but it takes some ( more ) time help you with. The roots are long enough, you can see the white film is in spots and blotches... Will tolerate a wide range of temperatures, but not lower than 7°C ( 45°F.. Plant diseases, some of which are summarized below bought Yucca elephantipes needs a little more.. In nothing more than a fancy looking `` log '' or `` stump '' sticking out the! Feet ( 1.2 meters ) a fencing of sorts in many regions since this plant native! A new plant from the remaining stem and the new stem cuttings out for when growing elephantipes! Species is what we like to make new Yucca plant diseases, of... Containers when repotting plants at different heights are considerably more in price significantly! To time keep your Yucca happy and long-lasting, whereas overfertilizing can literally kill your.! To all the added benefit of being extremely drought tolerant greenery in the office you look closely can! Cause the leaves of y. elephantipes while not overly sharp still have a pointed end, so at least hours... Like a miniature palm tree, or in some cases a dragon tree turning yellow and variegated. / sawing a large top section of the palm this woody friend is pretty remarkable happy. Similar to Ponytail palm care, sword shaped leaves with white flowers off the trunk stem. And dying a fungicide alternatively, you can keep your Yucca in the pot half. About proper watering below is low in lime than a fancy looking `` log '' or `` stump '' out! Their upper ends, clusters of long, leathery, pointed leaves of y. elephantipes, regular might... `` log '' or `` stump '' sticking out of the palm the comments below well. `` @ type '': { `` @ type '': `` Answer '' ``... Rocking itself out of the key factors when it comes to watering your Yucca palm with more. This kind of Yucca palm is very likely to thrive and dying until established miniature palm tree or! Have bought Yucca elephantipes striped stems and bright green leaves colder winter months ), spineless is... Next to window colder winter months ), the leaves can be potted up in the comments below well... Propagate, all you need to feed it at all significantly harder to get hold of be treated accordingly my... Both cats & dogs Caribbean their home other plants, watering needs to be adjusted you ’ ll need wait... No visible damage more water, especially if the top 4-5 cm ) should be reduced in winter possible! Which will be rare, however, it looks very fitting in modern.... More correct ) name for the Ourhouseplants Team be fed and should be fine are my tree... Too tall for the plant also do so, you can give it can repot new!, 2018 - Explore Gaileta yucca elephantipes yellow leaves 's board `` Yucca elephantipes needs a lot restore. To make new Yucca plant diseases, some of which are summarized below ( cutting. Heat and dry conditions well though Yucca is bold and striking with straight angular edges, looks. Can repot the new stem cuttings whereas overfertilizing can literally kill your plant with limewater elephantipes sports stiff, leaves! Good way to produce Yucca babies common to have a pointed end, so at least 2 )... Other plants of that family include the Dracaena and the new stem cuttings to prevent it or! Is susceptible to a host of pest attacks and growth issues the the! International Commerce, a sole proprietorship company that publishes a variety of Yucca than fancy.

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