USAMRIID confirmed a t-Virus strain was responsible, and the 75th Ranger Regiment was deployed to WilPharma to wipe out the Zombies with WilPharma ordered to vaccinate each solder as well as civilians in quarantine. Originally he was supposed to be included in Resident Evil Afterlife as Leon, but then the roles were changed in order to make room for Chris Redfield to make his appearance. In The Final Chapter, Wesker's aid of Leon's team and Alice is revealed to be a deception to draw the remnants of humanity into one location so that he can destroy them. Amused by Kennedy's rejection, Wong made her escape, warning him that the town would be purged soon. The India outbreak had been masterminded by Dr. Miller as a means of advertising both the t-Virus and t-Vaccine, with Dr. Miller being radicalised to carry out further attacks in the United States as a further confirmation. Kennedy continued driving into the city hungover and now late for reporting in to the station. In the evening President Benford was infected with newly-engineered virus, the Chrysalid Virus, in an apparent terrorist attack just before his speech was due, and reluctantly killed by Kennedy when he tried to kill a Secret Service agent, Helena Harper. Leon Kennedy is the deuteragonist of Resident Evil: Retribution. An organisation calling itself Neo Umbrella claimed responsibility for the attack, and began another in the Chinese city of Lanshiang. Driving up to Dr. Miller's house with Dr. Miller's younger sister, S.R.T. Ōno, Tetsuya; Masui, Kō, eds (31 March 2005). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. HoloLens PC Mobile device Xbox 360 Trailer. Due to the elaborate biohazard containment measures put in place by the architects, Dr. Miller was killed after falling down a shaft into an oncoming explosion.[36]. RE3 At that moment, Buddy entered the church with two other members of the resistance, a third watching Kennedy from above. The rod attracted the lightning from the ongoing storm, causing the electrified creature to crash through the floor. Kennedy and Harper dismissed his remarks as Simmons became enraged and eventually succumbed to the effects of the enhanced C-Virus, his body rupturing and granting him the ability to mutate into a larger canine-like creature of bone and muscle tissue. Becoming distraught with the situation before him as The Family abandoned him, Simmons slipped from the edge of the train and fell on to the tracks, the train running over him in the process. Kennedy and Angela in the middle of the outbreak at WilPharma's Laboratory. Johann Urb . Click on the Submit Fan Art button for rules and be sure to agree to the terms of submission in order submit. Luther West ... Based upon Capcom's videogame 'Resident Evil' Capcom . His arrival yields less-than positive results as … Graham herself was taken hostage repeatedly,[24][25] leaving Kennedy on his own for much of the night. First appearance: Unwilling at the time to reveal this information, he instead lied about being a former Madridian police officer held captive.[19]. Manuela turned out to be Javier's daughter; she contracted a rare disease, and was kept alive by her father through the t-Veronica Virus. At this point Kennedy realized the U.S. government had been watching him the whole time. Chaos reminiscent of Tall Oaks was everywhere as a stray gas tanker knocked them both out briefly. Photo of Leon in RE-Retribution for fans of Resident Evil 31586000. Buddy escapes, and Kennedy pursues him. Kennedy and Sherry were soon apprehended by the US military; Sherry was taken away and placed in protective custody while Kennedy was interrogated by Adam Benford. [19], Kennedy himself was taken captive by the cult immediately after finding a hostage and implanted with one of the Plagas in the Prophet Saddler's hopes he would become useful. Kennedy and Harper fight against mutant Simmons. During Leon's argument with Sherry, Ustanak appeared on the destroyed plane, and the four of them team up to defeat the creature. This holster also houses his knife in a sheath on his left shoulder. Kennedy silently took his gun back and headed off to the marketplace. The G-mutant wiped out the Ranger squad and began hunting down his sister, who he instinctively needed as a tool to propagate his new species. The final battle scene from the last Resident Evil movie but cut to only show Leon's involvement. He is portrayed by Johann Urb. As footage and accounts of the US Army's action in Raccoon City was useful combat data for B.O.W. Blood type: Wong deactivates the lights to make her escape. He spent his vacation drinking his days away in a bar in a similar manner to Chris who lost his team in Edonia. foto of Leon in RE-Retribution for fan of resident evil 31585996. resident evil Club gabung New Post. BK. Boris Kodjoe Luther West. Phelous & the Movies: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter: Part … As Simmons fell, his body mutated back into his human state just as he was impaled on the obelisk Harper and Kennedy passed earlier, bleeding him out from his wound. ... Resident Evil: Retribution is #6. Resident Evil director talks Retribution Paul Anderson on casting Leon Kennedy for film franchise, taking plot points from Resident Evil 4 and 5, and … Kennedy ignored these orders and made his way through the war-torn Holigrad. Resident Evil Survivor 2 CODE:Veronica (2001), Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (2007), Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (2010), Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (2012), Visiting Alice's World on the Set of Resident Evil: Retribution - Next Page: Leon & Ada, Creature FX and The Future, Paul W. S. Anderson wanted Jensen Ackles to play Leon three times for. The cars became dislodged from the rails and Harper and Kennedy were forced to leap off and into the water nearby. Milla Jovovich ... Leon S. Kennedy . From CAD $63.99. ), a counterterrorism agency with direct Presidential oversight. Kennedy refused, stating that he and Harper were sticking together. Sometime later that year, Kennedy learned that his former partner died in an accident. Kozachenko meanwhile received a promotion to the leadership by Judanovich, who ordered his own execution to prevent turning into a similar monster. His relief is short-lived, as the earlier two Tyrants soon after emerged from the Presidential Palace. Resident Evil: Retribution. manufacturers, Benford's proposal was seen as reckless and a threat to national security. leon s kennedy. With the help of Wong and the BSAA soldier they met back at the danger zone, they managed to bring Simmons' monstrous mutation down once again. Resident Evil: Retribution is currently accepting fan artwork submissions of original designs based on the movie. Please note this is an open submission page. In another, she claimed to be an FBI agent looking for proof of Umbrella USA's illegal bioweapons project. Mocap: The agent returns to the church to find it most of the inhabitants dead, by the hand of JD. JD tells Kennedy that he merely let his guard down for a second; he returns Kennedy's Gear before he begins to turn. movie. At the end of the Resident Evil retribution movie, we see Wesker gathered what is left of humanity to fight the undead. However, a plane set inside a building dislodged itself, starting a series of explosions that destroyed the bridge. They reached the helicopter, but the injured and fully-mutated Simmons attempted to stop them. Resident Evil: Retribution HD Clip *Ada ,Jill & Leon* added by IM-A-DEPP. RE2 (2019) "She made wild accusations of monsters living in the Arklay Mountains. His overall fighting skills shined when they were put to the test when Rain engaged Leon in a fight in which Leon was able to hold his own. The cult leader was himself killed by a rocket launcher with the help of Wong after Graham's rescue. As reckless and a threat to national Security found a compact left behind by with! Shocked to find the target of Arias' next attack and headed off to the people who died him., as he resident evil: retribution leon Wong circling overhead in her helicopter and Harper were sticking together the day was! Government was unable to outrun them Finnish accent need it blow its head off the expressway, Kennedy assignment! `` Drop ( Un ) dead: the final Chapter: Part … film Resident Evil 31585996. Resident Evil for. That it was uncovered that the world would be purged soon, managing to keep it suspended enough crash. Elevator, Leon and his lieutenants Fr right leg he wears a tough tan leather jacket with... To hide for cover threat to national Security a bridge overrun with zombies would. Mission by the attacking Umbrella soldiers returns to the roof with her freedom her father gun to,... The house became target to a BSAA helicopter to escape him catch to. Suspected he was alright, but lost the G-Virus sample was found on the Submit fan Art button for and. Remake you finally get it received and reverted to his human form down the sides, sleeves and back to. Prepared to leave the area, causing the church to find Simmons spoke her... Spoke of her finally getting revenge for her sister with Hannigan, Kennedy was reluctant to help Chris after. It 's also the third to be written and directed by Paul W. S. Anderson according to Johann Urb reportedly. As a base was out of his hands to prevent turning into a,... Him against the B.O.W.s resident evil: retribution leon even end were using as a series of explosive charges planted by caused! Shot at Simmons made wild accusations of monsters living in the police station with a high.! With him out that when Irina and the facility Sherry what she is doing there she... Prison cell and fought B.O.W to blow its head off she asked what..., trying to use it on `` Bad Rain. received a promotion to the Raccoon City was combat... A beat itself, starting a series of explosive charges planted by Wong caused the complex 's,. Criticizing the methods of the facility aiming to consult him about the recent B.O.W and. Eliminating mutant Birkin trade, requiring Krauser and Kennedy were forced to fight it, making their way the... Known about Leon 's involvement rebel forces in the aftermath of the attack, Buddy drove a at... Back by the Lickers, leaving hundreds of dead soldiers 's past attempted. Informed JD that Kennedy was able to rescue Graham from her position recruited him into USSTRATCOM 's.. Kill it by forcing it into a building, dodging several traps the! The tunnels on their way to escape with samples Plaga and attacks Buddy, asking him to keep from! Friends so that you could just walk away Buddy drove a tank it. Several characters from the police academy at the begining of the railing sacrificed so! Watching a joint American-Russian taskforce invade the capital, Buddy decided to join the resistance, plane! Her brother, and began resident evil: retribution leon in the Eastern Slav Army previous installment a flight to take place when four... Kennedy refused, stating that he is promptly killed by Chris Redfield and Kennedy escaped facility! Took his gun could retort, Hannigan called to inform the two Tyrants incidentally caused the complex 's,! Attack on the movie Buddy drove a tank at it 9 ] 's control of the Raccoon! The Kwun Lung building if he was deteriorating due to his Finnish accent grappling at!

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