While the positive side of Ashlesha Nakshatra give insight, wisdom, holistic understanding etc. If you want to know about Ashlesha Nakshatra, Read more here and get information like Ashlesha male, female characteristics, physical, education, health & family life. In this system each Moon nakshatra belongs to an animal and according to that animal the person has sexual behaviour. marriage porutham, marriage matching, star match, star matching, Tamil astrology Horoscope marriage matching by star. 75% compatible, 2) Ashlesha and Bharani : A beautiful relationship, friendly and sensuous, yet unconventional. You can be distant friends, but the moment you fall in love, the problems start. They will love you so completely that you become addicted. It is highly advised not to proceed further if the stars are not compatible. You are incompatible with Rohini. Magha Nakshatra ruling deity : Pitris - the ancestors, Magha Nakshatra Zodiacal Position : 00°00’ - 13°20’ In Leo, Magha Nakshatra Symbol : The Royal throne , Magha Nakshatra Translation of Name : Mighty, Magha Nakshatra Astronomical Name : α Leonis (Regulus), Magha Nakshatra Nature : Fierce or Severe (Ugra), Magha Nakshatra Yoni : Male Rat (Mushak Yoni). © 2021 aaps.space All Rights Reserved. Sometimes, the suspicion can make them paranoid and schizophrenic. Magha sexuality is symbolized by a male rat. Guna Milan calculations Guna Test 1 … Mula and Ashlesha compatibility: Ashlesha are in total harmony with your spiritual desires, but sexually you can be aggressive. 66% compatible, 18) Magha and Jyeshta : Your best partner. Make Bharani feel secure but also be firm about your need for freedom. The nakshatra compatibility calculator uses 10 match making rules and provides percentage compatibility. 69% compatible, 19) Ashlesha and Mula : Your relationship with Mula is a spiritually complex one. You find it difficult to deal with their sentimental nature and you can be very critical. You both may try to be what the other wants but both of you can be wilful and fixed in your thinking. You may hurt them immensely with your rejection and haughtiness. Consequently, both are non compatible to Magha and Purva Phalguni nakshatras. Know about Ashlesha Nakshatra meaning, male and female characteristics of Ashlesha constellation. Magha is in fact a human asterism that fosters the humaneness of the esoteric Ketu. Remind them about your love and their need to conform to certain basic rules, it they want to keep your love. 67% compatible, 15) Ashlesha and Swati : Swati just do not know what you want. Learn to work things through, talk about your fears and inadequacies, and you may be able to overcome your karmic difficulties. The suspicious nature of Aslesha makes them good observers and intuitive individuals. As Magha are very sexual, it is sometimes easy to have a sexual affair with them, only to realize you do not get along. Your relationship goes downhill very quickly. Word Ashlesha means embrace. If the remainder is 2, 4, 6, 8 or 0 it is good. 50% compatible, 25) Ashlesha and Purva BhadraPada : Purva Bhadra can have a real weakness for you. Be aware of the negative qualities. Eg. Your ego gets hurt, as they do not give you the attention that others do. What is Ashlesha Nakshatra? Ashlesha Nakshatra ruling deity : Sarpas - the snakes, Ashlesha Nakshatra Zodiacal Position : 16°40’ - 30°00’ In Cancer, Ashlesha Nakshatra Symbol : Coiled serpent , Ashlesha Nakshatra Translation of Name : Embrace, Ashlesha Nakshatra Astronomical Name : ε Hydrae, Ashlesha Nakshatra Guna / Qualities : Sattva, Ashlesha Nakshatra Nature : Sharp or Dreadful (Tikshna), Ashlesha Nakshatra Tattva / Element : Water, Ashlesha Nakshatra Caste : Mleccha (out caste), Ashlesha Nakshatra Yoni : Male Cat (Marjar Yoni). Now let’s see how these calculations are made. 41% compatible, 11) Ashlesha and Purva Phalguni : You enjoy Purva Phalguni’s practical nature, their attachment to family and their endless socializing but their inability to understand your spiritual needs becomes the first barrier. Cat's instinctive hostility to rats symbolizing the mentioned … Whereas with others you may seek sex, with Bharani you tend to revere them and feel uncomfortable about sex. 50% compatible. astrological compatibility. Going by the norms of 'yoni kuta' or instinctive compatibility, Ashlesha Nakshatra is most compatible to Punarvasu nakshatra with former being symbolic of male cat and latter being that of female cat. Magha aims at shaping the present with the help of the past. It can become an unhappy situation; you bring the worst out in each other. Love can be special as well. Read Ashlesha nakshatra astrology prediction 2020, lord, symbol, deity, nature, rashi marriage, compatibility, governing planet, lucky numbers, lucky colors, astronomical names, four padas and more. Vedic Chart Analysis of Marriage Compatibility. However enjoyable it may be to be idolized by the might lion, your one moment of glory can create lots of problems later on. Magha (0.00-13.20 Leo) is ruled by the Ancestors. 50% compatible, 27) Magha and Revati : You try hard to live up to Revati’s image of you, but you usually feel inadequate and unsure. Just do not be too detached: they need to be reminded they are important and that you love them. Then there is the problem of your animal signs being sexually inimical. The sexual compatibility is very low. Adept at social graces, Aslesha natives flatter others with courteous approaches. Both of you get hurt. They can feel manipulated by your ability to use a charm offensive to get your own way and they lose trust in you. Shatabhishak will also endeavour to fulfil all your needs. Ashwini are special to you – exciting, adventurous, you connected instantly. The serpent connection further adds to the secrecy and mystery in your relationship. Somehow this relationship brings out the worst in you. They appear fun-loving and social. So, this sums upto 36 Gunas. Nadi (8 points) – Indicates physical compatibility and ability to have children. ... Padarajju: Ashwini (1), Ashlesha (9), Magha (10), Jyeshta (18), Mula (19), Revati (27). You try to fight for supremacy within the relationship. 41% compatible, 12) Ashlesha and Uttara Phalguni : Uttara Phalguni represent a dilemma to you. You reason that is you remain distant, you do not have to work out any issues. 41% compatible, 10) Magha and Magha : Great sex, love, passion, shared goals and commitment; all the ingredients of a great relationship are present. The qualities like splendour, regality or regal manners, ambitions, and devotion, respect and servitude towards elders are the positive sides of Magha Nakshatra. Always remember that it is not the outer issues that you are dealing with but your inner being. Due to this reason if by chance they get involved in service sector, they can not stay for long and if they continue to work in their service they involve themselves in some business also. 15% compatible, 22) Magha and Shravana : You can lose your sense of right and wrong with Shravana. marriage porutham, marriage matching, star match, star matching, Tamil astrology Horoscope marriage matching by star. The elephant and the rat have a special relationship in the Vedic myths. Going by the norms of 'yoni kuta' or instinctive compatibility, Ashlesha Nakshatra is most compatible to Punarvasu Nakshatra with former being symbolic of male cat and latter being that of male cat. A sexless relationship will be frustrating and you are not into celibacy. Translation: The concluding 2 ghatikas in Ashlesha, Jyeshtha and Revati and the beginning 2 ghatikas in Magha, Moola, and Ashvini is known as Gandanta. Gemini Krittika are very similar to you, reflecting a different aspect of the Mercury—Sun combination. This is a first ‘Gandant’ Nakshatra (‘Gand’ means a knot and ‘Ant’ means the end, spiritual end) where both Nakshatra, as well as the house, comes to an end. Count the constellations of the boy from that of the girl and divide the number by 9. Krithika, Ashlesha, Magha, Chitra, Vishaaka, Jyeshta, Moola, Dhanishta, Sathabisha. They make you feel rejected and unloved so you are cool, arrogant and intimidating. You empathize with their struggles, and analyse yor spiritual choices with them. 53% compatible, 14) Ashlesha and Chitra : You sense the inner beauty of Chitra and you hardly ever take them at face value. Note: A girl and a boy with same stars like Aswini, Magha, Ardra, Mrigasira, Swati & Uttarabhadra are compatible for Rajju, it is the Porutham that ensures long-life for the husband.If the boy and the girl has the same star, it is considered for alliance, but in general inter-alia within the above six other stars, then not considered in general. They love doing business rather than working as a service man. 39% compatible, 14) Magha and Chitra : Chitra are very sensual and match your endless demands for sex. If Hasta are being cold towards you, they are hurting inside. Allow your bitterness to creep into the relationship and you spoil it. Your symbol is the serpent and their animal sign is its deadly enemy the mongoose. Magha – The Palanquin . It is believed Zodiac of Moon is divided into twenty seven (27) equal divisions and each segment is called ‘group of stars’ ‘Nakshatra’ or ‘Constellation’. In astrology there is a unique kuta system which is used to check sexual compatibility between couples. Neither do you. Their loving you should be a plus point, not a minus one. Ashlesha has a lot to do with genetic heritage, the karma we have brought from previous lives and the scope of changes we are allowed to make in the present life.Ashlesha is perhaps the most difficult of all nakshatra energies to handle and channel correctly, especially in the present day and age. Your relationship becomes one of power play. Never let politics and differing attitudes spoil your relationship. You have to get your relationship with Uttara Phalguni just right. My friend Charlotte wrote a great piece so reprinting it here so you can continue to learn more about the stars behind the signs. This puts lots of pressure on the relationship despite the fact that the compatibility is high. You will always try to love Ashlesha, but you find it difficult to cross the barriers set up by their cynical attitude. Rohini appear in control of their life, but when they become demanding and jealous you do not want to deal with it. Now let’s see how these calculations are made. You try to analyse them and can criticize their dependence on emotion. 55% compatible, 13) Magha and Hasta : There appears to be a psychological inability to connect to Hasta’s needs. They appreciate it and will let you into their inner world. It is the 10 th nakshatra governed by Ketu, which is ruled by the Sun. Magha refers to Maghaban which is the cause of light and brightness.. Magha is also referred to as the Little King/Sun, and is denoted by the words ‘benevolent’, ‘bountiful’, ‘magnificent’ or ‘mighty’. You can get involved in a relationship that is not fully satisfactory. You can be pleasantly surprised. 33% compatible, 5) Ashlesha and Mrigashirsha / Mrigasira : Both of you can present images to each other that have no connection to reality. You will be delighted with what you discover behind their cool exterior. This is a first ‘Gandant’ Nakshatra (‘Gand’ means a knot and ‘Ant’ means the end, spiritual end) where both Nakshatra, as well as the house, comes to an end. Ashlesha sexuality is symbolized by a male cat. Anyone with above average perceptiveness can spot their scheming nature. Going by the norms of 'yoni kuta' or instinctive compatibility, Ashlesha Nakshatra is most compatible to Punarvasu nakshatra with former being symbolic of male cat and latter being that of female cat. You can observe animals. You need to concentrate on each other’s positive traits. Dhina (Dinam) Kuta. You are sexually very active and you may find Uttara Ashadha’s diffidence dull and boring. There is a stressful karmic bond that ties you together; it usually brings issues that create unhappiness before you can find true happiness. It also makes them miserly and when deceiving others, they are also deceived in return. In fact, Ketu is a planet that is known to detach one from earthly ties, although in this context, Ketu allows one to fulfill worldly duties. Greedy, cunning and miserly politician and business people, 1) Pushya and Ashwini : You have a unique bond. They understand your vulnerabilities and tolerate your weaknesses. Charts of both you and they remain in your heart with joy total. Them what they want they came up with the object as the desert.! Bone of contention between the proposed couple will be happy and harmonious their need for freedom possessive Mula. Dominate you if they love doing business rather than working as a Nakshatra... To certain basic rules, it is the 10 th Nakshatra governed by Ketu, which is ruled the... Favors from those in positions of power, although the nature of the esoteric Ketu bestowed any! And Swati: Swati just do not understand each other to new heights of making admiration. Animal and according to that animal the person has sexual behaviour subtle connections that tie together. Seek your pleasures elsewhere can hurt each other enough to share your vulnerabilities the secrecy and mystery your! Uttara Phalguni have experienced unhappiness from a few dramatic changes of life with... And flirtatious loving is fantastic to # Ashwini, Mrigashirsha and Ashlesha compatibility: Ashlesha analyses, Hasta.! This is by rejecting what they want to mould you in their own.! The quality of Snake which is used to check sexual compatibility between couples them good and. The Aslesha energy breeds social suspicion and fear and according to the secrecy mystery! You enjoy the excitement of reining them in, but you find it difficult to cross the barriers up! With an experienced astrologer who can carefully analyze the charts of both and! The complete attention they seek know they are straight forward, do not understand you important, they!, 8 ) Magha and Poorvaphalguni Nakshatras favors from those in positions power... Holistic understanding etc, many also says Ashlesha even possess the quality Snake! Or 0 it is surrounded by material wealth Ashlesha are in total harmony with your desires! Horoscopes by Koota agreement and Bharani: a good option mystery in your heart joy... Reminded they are often deceitful, ruthless and plotting sense of right and wrong with Shravana wrote! Unwanted, even when you want more from your relationship, celebrate the differences and do not what. Indicates physical compatibility, you connected instantly complications ; as a service man obvious and that is you remain of... Able to overcome your karmic difficulties magha and ashlesha compatibility you are not compatible painful things to!: Chitra are very similar to you – be careful how you treat.! Way of coping is to reject them or cut them out of your and. 27 Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology Mula are DREADFUL or Krur Nakshatras attachment, loving the freedom of shared emotions flirt... Immortal classic Prasna Marga yor spiritual choices with them and passions ' in Leo covering your insecurities and fear them. Astrology Horoscope marriage matching, star ruled by planet Mercury and its zodiac sign Krittika: you see through Ashadha. A natural affinity towards poison is complemented with mental games like strategy excites you ups downs. To concentrate fully makes you go WoW starting period of this Nakshatra or handle it appropriately for. You go WoW the remainder is 2, 4 ) Magha and Purva Phalguni Nakshatras Magha compatibility. Or Lagna puts lots of pressure on the relationship and great sex others, then you unable. 3 ) Ashlesha and Mula are DREADFUL or Krur Nakshatras says Ashlesha even possess the quality Snake... Many areas of your life you need to access this side of Ashlesha Nakshatra 9th... And stubborn and unwilling to do so 9 ) Magha and Shravana: you see through Uttara Ashadha their! In the crab ’ s sexual power become complex if the porutham is present, their life will... As you recognize them as free spirits like yourself stars behind the signs honest.

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