3T Aeronova Stealth Handlebar :: From $369.99 :: 3T 31.8 Clamp Bars :: UniversalCycles.com - 30,000+ mountain & road cycling parts. On the other hand, the Team Aeronova struck a fine balance between smooth and stout. For Sale is a 3T Aeronova Team Stealth Carbon Aero Handlebars. Perhaps borrowing some inspiration from their unique Sphinx track racing bar, 3T made the Aeronova longer in reach. The silver accents on the normal Aeronova LTD may not be as flashy as the red Team issue kit ridden by the BMC Racing Team, but the Stealth model takes the murdered-out matte look to extreme levels. 3T Aeronova LTD Handlebar :: From $399.99 :: 3T 31.8 Clamp Bars :: UniversalCycles.com - 30,000+ mountain & road cycling parts. Write A Review. Go Slow Faster is 3T’s mantra for their award-winning Exploro gravel frameset, and the Italian brand’s Aeronova Team Stealth carbon handlebar turns out to be a fine compliment to the bike. I actually used the Aeronova on the Exploro in the last races of the cyclocross season, and though I could feel the flex while torquing the bar on short technical climbs, it was far from being a liability. The feel of the ramps is not unlike that of vintage randonneur bars such as the Nitto Randonneur, the rounded aft section of the ramps nestling into the palm of your hand. Price match this item and get a free gift! Many riders and product managers have chosen to equip bikes with bars that are wider and perhaps flared as much as 12 degrees. ... 3T Aeronova Team Handlebar Stealth … ¹ For orders between Sunday and Thursday inclusively. Authored by Byron, ENVE releases SES 3.4 TUBELESS for rim and disc brake, $350, 220gr Team version with the all-black “Stealth” logos. It’s personal tastes, but I’m a smaller rider and I like narrow. To complement the aerodynamic shape of your frame's tubes, the Aeronova … Quick view Choose Options. I would not recommend this bar if you are currently using less than 90m of stem with a typical compact road bar, because you might not have room to shorten up the stem to compensate for the Aeronova’s longer reach. Stick them on your watt-whittling aero machine, tuck in and feel the benefit. You're probably wondering why you've landed here of all places. Their claim to fame is a wellconstructed handlebar with a perfect fit and elegant style so its no surpise that 3T … The KlickFix mount grasps the Aeronova exactly where the clip-on aerobars would otherwise go. More detailed info here; http://www.cyclespeedtours.com/3t-aeronova-ltd-aero-handlebar-review/ 3T makes a track sprint bar that IS stiff, but it weighs a ponderous 368gr for the 35cm size, and I’m pretty sure I could beat a man to death with one. If you’re the type to really work the bike side to side, sprinting on the drops while out of the saddle, your forearms will tend to bang into those long ramps. Still, the Aeronova’s bend is a bit sharper than the virtually faultless Deda Zero100, so the 3T perhaps makes a better match with levers that have adjustable reach (e.g. Un compte client vous offre de nombreux avantages: Merino Ski Sock Tech - Chaussettes de ski, Fonctionnelle, résistante, intemporelle », "Notre neutralité carbone est une étape importante vers une gestion plus durable. The next generation of Aero handlebars is here! All items in stock. The LTD and Team are both carbon, presumedly using the same moulds but with different carbon composition and layup. While … Free delivery from € 50 |  Handling the air. 3T Aeronova Team Stealth Drop Handlebar - Carbon, 31.8mm, 40cm, Black, 128mm Drop, 89mm Reach - Aeronova is a compact road drop with aero-section tops to complement the latest aero road bikes. While the first two are important in a save-every-watt kind of way, we aren't ashamed to admit that we're equally as excited about the LTD Stealth… Find recommendations on our store page. Or put them on your steel cruiser and enjoy the comfort and ensuing cafe-stop controversy. We love that there's a focus on saving every watt, but we're not ashamed to admit that we're equally as excited about the LTD Stealth's muted aesthetics. The … New Listing 3T Aeronova Team Stealth Aero Handlebar - Carbon, 31.8mm, ... New Listing 3T Superergo LTD Stealth Handlebar. $350.00. This is a bar that was designed for powering away on long breaks on the road, and I’ve found that the road doesn’t have to be paved for the Aeronova to be outstanding. I ride 100-110mm stems on bars with 75mm of reach; for the Aeronova I sized down to an 80mm stem to put the levers the same distance from the saddle. Be aware that the Aeronova’s 6-degree flare makes the bar distinctly narrower at the shoulders. 3T Aeronova LTD Stealth Carbon Handlebars are a compact road drop with aero-section tops to complement the latest aero road bikes. Straight away, the construction and finish of the Aeronova Team Stealth was typical 3T. all Campagnolo, older Shimano). 3T Ergosum Team Handlebars. Admittedly, the two bars are not the exact same shape, but they do share similarities like the bladed top section. But, there's a huge upside: Allow us to introduce Backcountry's European sister site - Bergfreunde!

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